26/365 Thank You Notes

I have never been a good thank you note writer. If you gave me a wedding or baby shower gift, chances are less than fifty fifty that you got a note of thanks from me.

I have recently gotten some thank yous that have brought me to tears.

I have mentioned that I volunteer for an organization that offers photography to families with a dying or already dead baby. (It’s hard to even tell you what I do.)

This week, I took photos of a stillborn baby boy. Oliver. His mother wrote me a note after she got her pictures.

"I cannot stop looking at them… To say they are a treasure is an understatement. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Another mother wrote the day after I took photos of her stillborn son to say she had no idea how much she would want to see her baby’s face. Could I send some right away? (Yes.)

I didn’t take the photos to be thanked. Not at all. But, it does matter to me.